infoBoard und Kennzahlen (KPI’S)

infoBoard and Material Management


InfoBoard BusinessController evaluates infoBoard planning boards and shows KPIs clearly.

Key figures are often goals expressed in numbers. Goals in this context are complex matters that can be explained via a presentation with a system of key indicators that is clearly measurable and understandable.

Initially, the evaluations move in the magic square of production but then more and more personal evaluations based on customer requirements add up to this.

The magic square of production is composed of: utilization, on-time delivery, visualizations. These are tools based on a system of indicators that aim to clarify and control corporate behaviour. Information, data, numbers and facts are pictured in form of key figures for a quick and clear statement of facts. The fact that human are visual beings and that they capture 83% of things primarly with their eyes provides the main reason for using visualizations. Simple and effective communication in companies is created through simple visual language. It is therefore visualizations’ goal to achieve an improvement in the quality of managerial decisions.

Other aspects of visualization in companies include for example: increase of transparency in the company’s services and processes, recognition/ identification of causes of error, actions needed, strengthening of quality awareness, as well as continuous improvement of all areas of the company.

This way it is possible to get an idea very quickly of the processes and possible economic fields through an overview of the most important key figures in the company or in each department.