Workshop orders with infoBoard’s ‘Pool Order’ form

Scenario: Internal service providers within the company (eg. a workshop) receives orders through various different methods, such as by email, telephone, on-call responses or from SAP systems. Often, the orders would be expected to meet minimum requirements, and a performance record or even an SAP number may later be required.

According to increasing numbers of requests from customers, we have created a form creator. From this standard template, forms can be created: one form for each planning board. There are approximately 40 input fields available for transfer. Tooltip text is available, as is the enforcement of ‘mandatory fields’.

If a form field is used to access the user log, the customer can see the list of all of their orders when they call up the infoBoard Web system. A filter can also be used to make the list shorter.

A traffic-light system indicates the status of the job. Red is not yet scheduled, yellow is a scheduled date, and green – finished.

These entries can be printed by the workshop in the standard way using individual plugins.

The infoBoard user-defined attributes, value tables and type definitions are implemented.